Thursday, 19 January 2012

New assignment

Last year we did some work with Electric December, from taking pictures for the website, to planning and hosting the actual launch event. This term I will be starting a new assignment, where we have to design, create, shoot and edit a film for Electric December film festival.
Before we make a film, we have to come up with a suitable idea, and pitch it to the class, so that we can get an outsiders opinion on the film, if they like the film, we not only have to make the film, but we also have to go through the long process of post-production. We have to edit the films, to make them flow really well, add some music if it needs some, and even create promotional material to go with the film.
To help us with this assignment, we will be using unit 02- Communication techniques for creative media production, and unit 05-Video production. The latter is self-explanatory, but the first unit will not only help us with our pitch, but it will help us to communicate with the audience of our film.

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