Thursday, 2 February 2012

Today's Session

Today, we have been filling out the story boards for our films, which included things like how long the shot would last, and what camera angle to use.

Then we had to write on these sheets explaining who we were going to cast in our films, what locations we would use, and the equipment we would need. We also had to sort out a schedule, so that we know what we are filming and when.

This is an advert from the film that inspired my video:

After we finished all our pre-production work,  we had to create our presentations for our films, so that we can present them to the class, and they can decide which one they think is the best idea. luckily we have a small class, so we have a chance to make all our films if we want to, or if we don't want to make out films, we can help someone else with theirs, and edit their own version.

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