Thursday, 19 April 2012

Baaa, By Cyraik

The video Baaa, by cyriak, is really admirable, because the time and detail put into each individual sheep, is extrodinary. It must have taken him years just to learn the skills needed to produce something of such high quality.
CGI animation is a very valuable skill, because it takes a very long time to learn, and the quality of work produced can be amazing. Most modern animation uses CGI technology, this is because the images that are created, can be extremely detailed, so companies like Disney Pixar can create a furry animal that has each hair move when it does, or a tropical ocean, where each individual fish, and each individual scale is designed.
M,ost of Cyraiks films start off simple, but as they progress, the intentions become more and more complex, it starts off with just sheep duplicating (which in itself is difficult), but then the whole construction of the sheep changes, the may have seven legs on their face, and heads instead of legs, they may shed their skin, or start to fly, but all with the original qualities that a sheep possesses.
If I could create a CGI animation for my final piece, I would, however the skills are too complex to learn in twelve weeks, and I am not much of an animator myself, so I am afraid I will have to stick to flash, which has a lot more of a basic layout, and is easy to pick up the skills need it to use well.

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