Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Last Session

 Last session we had two different workshops; one from Ben, the head of The Bristol Short Story Prize, he was with Ian, author of 'The Bovine Histories'. They were there to go over our initial animation ideas, it was Ian's first time meeting us, so we got to ask him any questions about the story, and the style or theme of our animations.

 The second workshop was with Sam, a proffesional animator. He started by showing us some clips from films with different genres, so we could see how storys can be told in different ways, and how the style of film can change everything about it. We then got into our animating groups, and he gave us all the same scene, but each group had to storyboard it to a different genre, so they all ended up being very different. Our group had comedy, and it was atually alot harder than I thought it would be, because it's very hard to be funny on purpose.

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