Thursday, 10 May 2012

Stop Motion

Today, for our stop motion workshop, we had to create an animation in our groups, that was similar to the kids T.V show ''Trap Door''. our characters needed to be simple, otherwise they wouldn't fit the brief, and would be extremely difficult to manoeuvre.

We used Plasticine that started out very cold, and difficult to mold, so we warmed it with our hands, and eventually, were able to create our desired characters.

We also used wire in our models, because if we didn't use it, then our models would have fallen apart half way through making the animation. Luckily, this didn't happen to us, so we finished quickly.

Then came the laborious task of shooting our animation, we had to set up our windows live cam on the tripod, and set up our characters. when we had to move a character, we could only move them a small amount, then take a picture using the ''Stop Motion Pro'' software, this took an incredibly long time, but eventually we completed it, and the results were very satisfying.

However, we are not going to use Stop Motion for our adaptation of ''The Bovine Histories'', because the characters that we need are far too complicated to mould, and Flash animation can present the required results.

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